SolBatt Home 5.0 Li Mass Production Start


In 2017.05.08Shanghai Churui Energy technology Co., Ltd (ATFSS) start the SolBatt Home 5.0 Li mass production in Beijing.

SolBatt Home 5.0 Li is ATFSS modular energy storage unit with environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery technology for residential and smaller commercial applications in distributed micro-smart-grid system. It stores the excessive energy, is easy to install, and supplies power for load when it is needed. This economically optimizes your supply system. It is ideal for solar-, wind power and hybrid energy as well as UPS.

Both ATFSS German and Chinese team spent much effort on the SolBatt Home 5.0 Li development which changed and optimize design once and once again. Finally, the best design is released which also passed the TUV certification.

Now the product is produced at Beijing National Power Battery technology Co., Ltd who is the Strategic Partner of ATFSS and one of the best lithium battery factory in China.

Picture 1. Beijing National Power Battery Production Line

Shanghai Churui Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

B3-3002, No. 171Huayuan Rd., Shanghai China




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